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School Info

This is a photo of Stettin Elementary School in Wausau

Welcome to Stettin Elementary!

Stettin School has a long tradition of excellence. While we opened the doors to our current facility in the year 2000, the traditions of the "Old Stettin" date back as early as the one-room schoolhouse of 1900-1901.

As a Stettin school community our mission is to teach, to guide, and to care for ALL students. Each member of the Stettin staff is committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population and work together to create an environment where students feel safe, encouraged, and confident in the learning process.

We work cooperatively to advance student learning, achievement, and success by keeping it at the heart and as a filter for our decision making.  We provide high quality education opportunities for students from kindergarten through grade five. We understand that it is important to educate the whole child and include programs which address the academic as well as social and emotional needs of elementary aged children.

Stettin provides specialized programming in English as a Second Language, Reading Interventions, Gifted and Talented Education, and Special Education. In addition, all students participate in our Music, Art, Physical Education, Instructional Media, and Guidance Services.