Staff Directory

Stettin Elementary Staff

 Principal: Kelly Halvorsen
Administrative Assistant: Mary Steffen

Health Aides


First Grade

Kristen Hulstrom

Kelly Meeks
Matthew Schilling

Kristie Butler
Candace Graap

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Beth Gruber

Ashley Langbecker

Tarin Rayala
Timille Johnson

Thomas Dziadosz
Kelly Brandt

Fifth Grade

Physical Education


Kathy Klement

Mark Sepnafski

Randy Luebbe

Shanna Henrikson




Julie Faulkner

Chrysta Mulry

Christine Kue

English Learner (EL)
& Title 1

School Counselor

School Social Worker

Kara Lee
Latricia Thao
Choua Vang-Lee

Nicole Melander

Sara Welsh

Special Education

Speech and Language

Gifted and Talented

Amanda Jacobson
Donna Coldwell
Jacob Veldhuizen

Justine Tolles

Amy Jaglinski

GT Website

Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy


Support Staff

Jenny Johnson

Jen Seliger

Joan Alters
Sara Ehmann

School Psychologist

Custodial Staff

Food Service

Amanda DeCaire-Denk

Dale Sann

Andrea Joswiak
Erin Niewolny